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Great Full Jams Designers

Six of New Zealand's most beloved artists created and gifted a print to Great Full's collection of limited-edition bum huggers in support of bowel health through Bowel Cancer New Zealand

Anika Moa Profile

Anika Moa

I instantly knew that my 10 year-old son Barry would be up for collaborating on this project. Barry's an extremely gifted artist. He makes his own stories and sells his own comic books at the markets. We took inspiration from one of Barry’s Super Cloud comic book series characters: Cloud Man. He’s a superhero, but he's also in your dreams. It’s like sleeping on a cloud or your head's in the clouds.

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Hollie Smith Profile

Hollie Smith

I like to create and make things – mostly music and paintings. For this project I started to think about what I enjoy seeing on kids and what they might enjoy wearing and decided I'd stick with what I knew. I could imagine kids jamming in their jams so I doodled some little cute instruments as my artwork and called it ‘Rattle and roll’.

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Ladyhawke Profile


Mokonui, which means big lizard, is inspired by a beautiful watercolour painting that Sarah Larnach made for my single, Back of the Van. Sarah and I have a long history of collaborating – she’s my best friend and she does all of my album artwork. For this project Sarah and I felt that the artwork had to be dinosaurs. Both our daughters love dinosaurs. Every kid loves dinosaurs!

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Neil Finn Profile

Neil Finn

The drawings I did for the jams are a repetitive pattern with these little characters. I found a bit of language to apply to a little kid holding a teddy bear and then gave the characters different characteristics, embracing different types of personalities. I call it ‘Ted’s Ready For Bed’. Hopefully the characters all have their own little stories and the teddy bears make a great companion for them. It’s nice to think that kids will feel comfortable in them.

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Sol3 Mio Profile

Sol3 Mio

This project’s artwork, 3 Little Birds, represents Sol3 Mio. A bird is a culturally symbolic animal for us. The bird flies away; he carries his sense of belonging, carries his family, travels the world, and returns home. Three birds found in Samoas are featured: the broad bill / flycatcher (tolaifatu), the cardinal / honey eater (segasegamau’u), and the bar-tailed godwit (tulī). Each bird’s environment is celebrated though Pasifika designs and tapa patterns.

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Tami Neilson Profile

Tami Neilson

‘Yee to the Haw’, my artwork for this project, brings together my two worlds, my two families, my two communities of New Zealand and Canada. The illustration very much captures the way acoustic country musicians perform on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville – gathering around one microphone and harmonies blending. Complete in their cowboy hats, boots and fringe shirts, the characters are Kiwis – a literal kiwi, a tuatara and a penguin.

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