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About Us

We celebrate our unity.   

We acknowledge our uniqueness.

We embrace our families, both blood and created.

We honour those who have given of themselves for our livelihood.

We respect the land we live on. 

We share our faith in the future.

We are a community.

We stand together.

We are aroha.

We are grateful.

We are all grateful for various things – grateful for our health, our families and friends, our homes, our lives, for living in New Zealand. And we are great full -  a country brimming with talented creatives – makers and artists; designers and builders; scientists and engineers; organisations and businesses.

Great Full celebrates how New Zealand is great full and unites us in a mission to make a significant difference in the lives of New Zealanders of all ages, from all regions.

Within a not-for-profit framework, leaders from our creative sectors collaborate in producing a limited edition collection at least once a year. From design to materials and manufacturing, the goods within the collection are produced sustainably in New Zealand and all profits from purchases are donated to an appropriate charity. Each collection is from an entirely different industry than the previous; the designated charity changes with each collection.

Learn about each worthwhile charity and the where the proceeds go.

Meet all those who make each collection possible by way of video and stories. From the designers to the makers and contributors, learn more about our collaborators’ involvement.  

Great Full’s limited-edition launch collection is a baby onesie, also known as a bodysuit or an all-in-one. These soft, natural essentials are made in New Zealand from unbleached fabric spun in Melbourne by ABMT Textiles, a fully certified processor of Organic Cotton knits under the Australian Certified Organic standards with all fibres Global Organic Textile Standard certified. Garments are 95% cotton, 5% elastane. They are screen-printed by Auckland Fabric Printers, manufactured by CMT Stuff in Auckland. Each order is packaged in home compostable packaging from Grounded NZ and delivered by Parcel Port and NZ Post. All profits from every sale go to the Starship Foundation, to bring better health and brighter futures to New Zealand children.