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Styling and admin

Phoebe Lu

On discovering a passion for art

When I was a kid I always enjoyed handcrafting and making art projects at school. As time passed though, I had less time to focus on art and eventually  studied Pharmacy to meet my parent’s standards. It wasn’t until after my daughter was born that I had the desire to begin crafting again. When she was a baby, I would make accessories for her – and her friends – to wear, and now that she’s growing up, we do lots of fun projects together. Creativity brings joy to my own life, and I hope I can spread that joy to others.

On finding inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere – movies, art galleries, traveling, nature, interior designs, old buildings and architecture. Kaohsiung, where I'm originally from, most of the apartment buildings are very utilitarian – basically just concrete boxes. There are not many old traditional houses like New Zealand villas or bungalows which I find fascinating with their ornate lacework, verandahs and colour combinations. 

On a favourite song

Without a doubt, a favourite song of mine is “I Don’t Mind” from Taiwanese indie band, Forests. Years ago, when I was already a fan of the band, my then-fiancé Steve coaxed them into allowing him to propose during their set (Smooth! How could I refuse?). Unbeknownst to Steve they wrote that song for us. It’s a beautiful song, and will always have a special meaning to us.

On having a love for fashion
Fashion represents life to me. The joy of wearing something that makes me feel more interesting, creative, beautiful and confident. It’s how I express myself. I’m a bit shy, too, so what I’m wearing that day is often a good conversation starter. I also get to share my interest in fashion with my daughter, Tui.  While in Taiwan she modelled in a few different photo shoots, and she’s doing some here in New Zealand. We love having those memories of her, and she enjoys the fun! 

On nurturing a sense of community
I see community as empowering each other, being there for them, particularly those in less fortunate circumstances. To be honest, this is rare in Taiwan so it’s refreshing to have found community here in NZ, and to feel welcome and supported.

On immigrating to New Zealand

I was born in Taiwan and that’s where I met my kiwi husband, Steve. We both really loved our life in Taiwan – we had a great circle of friends and a lovely little apartment. It wasn’t until we had our daughter that we reevaluated our priorities and decided to move back to New Zealand where she’d have less homework and more time in the outdoors – it was a great decision for our family. We enjoy the access to nature and that in New Zealand you can so easily explore fantastic beaches, mountains, rivers, and wildlife. Starry nights and waking up to birdsong are the best. I love the museums, galleries, playgrounds… and the great coffee.

On being grateful

It hasn’t been easy moving to a new country, but I am ever grateful to my husband for making things happen and helping me ease into New Zealand life. Also, for his parents and family who have welcomed me into the whanau, and of course my daughter Tui for joining our journey and being a constant source of joy. 

On contributing to Great Full

I am honoured to be a part of Great Full’s initiatives and contribute where I can. Jams is a worthwhile project as it’s supporting Cure Kids. This important organisation helps sick kids get better so that they can freely enjoy the great kiwi way of life. 

Phoebe contributes to Great Full Jams project both by lending her styling talents to Great Full’s Jams photo shoots and supporting admin.